Spring time around Europe

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    Kite flying in Athens on Clean Monday
    Hıdırellez Traditions in Turkey

    The beginning of spring is celebrated in Turkey. People make a fire and jump over the fire. But not this one of course it is too big:)


    Spring time in Parga,Greece.From our school trip. Valia

    Ioannina ,Greece

    As the sun goes down in Ioannina,Greece.We just came back from our school trip. Valia

    the village of Zagorohoria in spring

    We just came back from a 4-day school trip in Epirus and those great villages! Giorgos

    spring on the river Evros

    Nasos , Katerina

    Cherry-plum blossoms in bloom, in a public park.

    -Maria Georgakaki

    Orestiada,Evros Greece

    Αlmond trees in 📍 Orestiada,Evros Greece


    Flowers in Orestiada

    Petunias in my grandma's backyard

    Christina Thomaidou


    a wildflower in my garden!
    Eleni Katsika



    spring in Volos

    Sotiris kampouris


    A baby pine in my garden
    Maria Anastasiadou


    An almond twig in my garden🌸

    A spring morning in the coastal town of Parga

    Katerina Emmanouilidou


    When spring came, he began to open orchids in Lake Bafa. Flamingos and pelicans play in the water in the largest lake in the Aegean. It's time to go on a trekking with these landscapes. There are also camping sites and tourist facilities on the south coast of Bafa.


    The 509 km long route is one of the 10 longest hiking trails in the world. On the way from Fethiye to Antalya, there are 8 Lycian cities and unique beauties that blend green and blue.


    Who can say no to the indispensable fish cooked in Kilis style stone oven in the spring? If you're eating on the grass in the gazebo. Full spring weather. There are 80 kinds of appetizers in the place

    Turnip flowers

    In this photo we can see a landscape full of turnip flowers.
    En está foto podemos ver un paisaje lleno de flores de los nabos.
    Nesta foto podemos ver un paisaxe cheo das flores dos nabos.

    Spring is so beautiful

    Spring is so beautiful because lots of animals have their babies.
    La primavera es muy bonita porque muchos de sus animales tienen a sus crías.
    A primavera é moi bonita porque moitos dos animais teñen as súas crías.

    Enjoying a good sunny afternoon in the countryside.

    Looking after Alberto's goats.
    Cuidando las cabras de Alberto
    Coidando as cabras de Alberto


    Taking pictures of the beautiful spring flowers.
    Haciéndole fotos a las preciosas flores de la primavera.
    Facéndolles fotos as preciosas flores da primaveira.

    a swan on the shore of the river Bosut, Vinkovci

    by Mateo S.