Magic Story Stones


            A box with stones! No, not just simple stones. These stones are magic. These stones are storytellers. Ask your children to sit down in a circle and to take a stone from the box. Tell them that the stones will choose its master. Each stone knows which child is the right one for them. Let the children spend a few moments with their stones. Encourage them to describe the stones: colour, shape, size, type. How does it feel?

           All the children draw or write something on their stones. This could be anything they wish: a bird, a flower, a tree, a butterfly, a magic word… When the stones are finished and dry ask the children to put them back in the box.

           First child pulls out a stone from the box. He starts the story based on the image from this stone. Everyone else will get a turn so, they must have patience and be attentive to the previous children’s words. When they’ve finished speaking they place the stone in the middle of the circle. The next child will pull out another stone and continue the story inspired by the new image. As each child finishes they add the stone to the circle. Assist anyone who is hesitant or shy. Make sure that all the children contribute to the story and put their stone in the circle.

                Discuss the story underlining the sequence of events and the characters of the story. Who are the main characters? What can they tell about each one? Are they positive or negative characters? Where are the events taking place? When? Help them to organize their ideas, share their thoughts and express their feelings.

                Talk about the drawings from the stones. What other interpretations could give to that picture? Why did they choose that image/word?

    Which part of the story is their favourite? Which character is more interesting? Why? Did the story send us a message? Can we formulate a conclusion?

    Who is the best storyteller, today? How did they feel during the activity? Was it hard to find the inspiration?

    Celebrate how wonderful each stone is and what an amazing story did they tell.

                Discuss about the importance of the stories in the cultures across the world and about the role of the stories in transmitting precious information from generation to generation.