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    Game with equipment - drawing with Beebot
    Games with equipment - Letterhunt
    Games with tools - Game with chairs
    Games with tools - Reflection game
    Game without tools - Freeze Tag
    Game without tools - Sea and Land
    Imagination Games - Colours of Rainbow
    Imagination Games - Hot Potato
    Indoor Games - Grannys Yarn Ball
    Indoor Games - Surprise egg
    Life and career games - Detective
    Life and career games - Call Help!
    Outdoor game - Herrin-herring
    Outdoor game - Rotten egg
    Self-centered game - Find your place
    Self-centered game - Emotions
    Team games - Lighthouse
    Team games - Came with chairs
    Games with music - Rhythm game
    Games with music - Instructions for the song "Spring"

    The author of this song is the music teacher of our kindergarten Laura Väljaots.
    The song music sheet is attached as a separate file.

    Spring song music sheet
    Spring song audio