Project plan

  • 1 Project introduced to pupils, pupils know each other schools, towns and country

    2 Logo design competition (upload by 10 October)

    3 Pupils research the history of the Battle of Britain, particularly through reading parts of the same book or watching the same film “Goodnight Mister Tom”, reading parts of the book Squadron 303 by Arkady Fiedler and watching the same films about the Battle of Britain (especially the new ones about Polish airmen in the Battle).

    4 Various activities:

    • Writing letters - letters exchange

    • Making drawings for the books and for the films (then exhibitions)

    • Making comics of William’s story and Polish pilots’ story

    • Making models of the planes used in the Battle of Britain

    • Researching WW2 and the Battle of Britain

    • Students will make presentations about WW2 (especially Polish squadrons in the battle of Britain)

    • reflecting on issues in PHSE lessons (personal, health, social education)

    • English children will compose a suite of music based on the book/ film 'Goodnight Mr Tom'

    5 Video call(s) to share our learning with the other schools

    6 Project diary – ongoing through the project: linked from school websites so parents can access

    7 Various IT tools will be integrated into the project

    8 Pupils will reflect on their learning in the project share these reflections on the Twinspace.

    9 Teachers will also reflect on the benefits of participating in the project.

    10 ebook/website created from the project.