St.Colman’s & Cezzi Moro. A joint cultural heritage investment!


The project will bring together the students of an Irish and an Italian secondary school in the virtual world of the Twinspace. This project intends to promote collaboration between teachers and students and explore similarities and differences in our culture, heritage, traditions and customs to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between our people. Students will choose a number of topics from the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Ireland and Italy, which they believe must be preserved, fostered and promoted after which they will present these topics in a lively and imaginative way. They will also draw their partners’ attention to their less widely used local languages, IRISH/GAEILGE, Italian local dialects and Griko, by exchanging facts and information. The aim of this project is to put forward the idea that involvement in cultural awareness will turn out to be a great investment for all of us.

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