H.E.A.L (Health-Environment-Arts-Locomotive)


H.E.A.L PROJECT (Health-Environment-Arts- Locomotive)is all about core features to live our lives in health and it is related to various complications which are connected with health.It will record and analyze daily activites,habits,obesity,starvation,environmental problems which affect health directly.Are we eating the wrong stuff?What about people who do not have enough food to eat?How can we find some effective solutions to overconsumption of food?Those are some questions to be answered in this Project.There are millions of people struggling with hunger and starvation,especially children are at risk.In contrast there are people with obesity problems and reality of overconsumption or overproduction of food is growing day by day.What we aim is to arouse those questions in students minds and help them grow up as more sensitive citizens and problem solvers.Throughout the Project,students and teachers will make international connections to improve understanding of healthy nutrition and promote healthy lifestyles and a better environment to live in.With the use of technology and ICT skills,we are planning to develop students’use of Web 2.0 tools to express their ideas and language skills to communicate and collaborate with partners.Our topic and activities will be shaped around 21st century skills such as critical thinking,creativity,productivity,collaboration,interpersonal skills and entrepreneurship.Health-Environment-Arts locomotive will be on a journey for almost eight months with different objectives and activities at each station with the motto of Heal the World and it will make a virtual tour and the last stop will be the outcomes and outputs of our Project.

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