McKinney Primary School and Nursery Unit, Dundrod is a Controlled Primary School,

    which is situated approximately 2 miles from Nutts Corner.

    Dundrod Primary School provided education in the area from 1847. Rebuilt in 1994, it

    was renamed McKinney Primary School.

    A Modern extension was built in 2005. 


    McKinney Primary School caters for children from the age of 3 to 11 years. The school

    has an enrolment number of 160 for P1 - P7 and 26 for Nursery.

    In recent years its pupils have been drawn

    from both the local area and the wider community. The 160 children currently enrolled

    are drawn from Dundrod, the scattered rural community and as far as

    Aghalee, Antrim and Templepatrick. The staff consists of an Acting Principal, plus

    five full-time teachers and one part-time teacher.


    Education is a shared responsibility and all aspects of a child’s time at home and in

    school are of importance and value.

    The following aims reflect the totality of a child’s experience and are expressed

    without preferential order.


    - We aim to help all the children develop to their full potential. We hope to promote

    the personal qualities of self-confidence, self esteem, self worth and a sense of

    confidence, responsibility for self and towards others.


    - We aim to create a caring secure family atmosphere, within a context of respect. 

    All the children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibilty and pride in

    their school. 


    - We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum through a variety of experiences

    with opportunities to extend and challenge each individual child's intellectual

    needs. Gentle encouragement is given to see that the children make full use

    of all the facilities and activities made available to them 


    - We aim to foster strong links between home, school and our local community. We

    hope to develop in children an attitude to learning that is positive, evaluative and

    flexible, and which will enable them to engage in the learning process as it

    continues throughout life. Educational visits will be provided as an added dimension to 

    the curriculum to enhance the educational experience and development of the



    The Nursery Unit


    The Nursery is very much part of the whole school ethos. We welcome and enjoy the

    Nursery children using the main school building and joining with the older children 

    for many activities.


    The Nursery Unit provides a challenging and fun environment where the children are

    welcomed and nurtured by the class teacher and nursery assistant.

    The Nursery has places for 26 children, on a full time basis.  These are all fully funded.

    The Nursery day is from 9.00am – 1.45pm.


    All the staff in the Nursery strive to establish and develop a close understanding of each

    child’s individual abilities and needs.  Parents are encouraged to work closely with

    the staff to ensure their child is happy within their class group.


    The majority of the children in our Nursery move to the Primary 1 class within the main

    school. This transition is made easier as the Nursery children come over to the main

    main building on a daily basis.