Four Seasons in a Year

Project ‘Four Seasons in a Year’ is closely integrated with nature, weather with temperature and climate data of every season in all partner countries. The children will be familiarized with distinctive features of each season. They will show their countries customs and traditions in every season in the year, and will get to know the partner countries celebrations. Each partner kindergarten will make its own wall tree and will decorate it according to the current season. All children will learn a song ‘Four seasons in a year’ to sing it together as a standard song of the project. The children will develop their artistic skills during drawing and painting, they will also be inspired to draw the music (‘Four Seasons’ by A. Vivaldi). The children will find about: sounds of nature, painting of famous artists, poems and quotes about each season of the year. There are many activities planned, like cooking, visiting interesting places, celebrating feasts, making crafts, writing letters, quizzes. Children from Poland, Greece and other partner kindergartens will collaborate during these activities and the results will be displayed in TwinSpace - Project Diary as reports, photo shows and videos. The final output of our collaborative work will be the interactive games and an e-book, summarizing all the activities.

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