Ancient roots in the modern world

Welcome to all the Spanish students from Ciudad de Haro and the Greek students from 2nd Gymnasio Chalkidonas. This website will be a collaborative place to make together some activities.

Project Journal

  • The Page "Ancient Roots in the English Language" is now available.

    We invite you to write a text in English using as many words with ancient greek or latin root as possible. The text can be about school, the different subjects you are taught or anything you want.

    Everyone who participates can colour the part of the text he/she has written with a different colour and indicate the word with the ancient root by marking it.
    - Posted by Andreas Galanos, 23.05.2015

  • I have also added a map of the project at the Pages.
    - Posted by Andreas Galanos, 15.04.2015

  • I have added the workd of my students in the form of padlets embedded both at the forums and at the pages. Students can still add posts at these pads just double clicking on a clear spot on them.
    - Posted by Andreas Galanos, 15.04.2015

  • We have organized the work in the Forum. We have opened a thread for every subject and the students are uploading there their work.
    - Posted by Conchi Matías , 24.03.2015

  • Hello!

    I have uploaded a Gloster that Virginia's students have done.
    - Posted by Conchi Matías , 03.02.2015