Living the arts, hands on!


The project “Living the arts, hands on” wants to involve children from 5 to 8 years old ( when students are so young they can express themselves better using their body to dance, to sing a song, to paint or to dramatize a tale….). Art.,Music, drama, dance, painting, storytelling will be in the core of our sessions and through different activities we want to engage our students in a meaningful learning experience and transform their learning environment. We can organize a “project space” in the class where pupils can feel calm, read fairy tales or discuss some rules or some situations,to hear a music theme to help students to be relaxed ...We also can motivate the students to learn English in a fun way. We are aware our pupils live an environment where tablets, smartphones and technologies changes are in constant and rapid evolution and they take up a lot of their freetime. We want to empower them with better communication skills, improving their talent and imagination, their happine

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