About the Project

  •            WE LOVE ALL ANIMALS

                    Through the study of the topic animals teach children save and love all animals


                     1.To improve English skills,enviromental awareness,save and love all animals
                     2. Rising students' motivations
                    3. Improving reading and writing skills in English as a foreign language
                    4. Rising awareness how important animals for our life
                    5.Rising awareness for preventing animals extinction
                   6.Improving English learning by using Web 2 too


    -Including students in the e twinning system


    -Logo Compatition
    -The students write a list of animals and classify them into wild/pet or farm animals by drawing.
    -Students can take their photograps

    -The students will introduce thier own or favourite pet features and add why do they prefer feed it.

    -Students draw a picture about their favourite animal and send them the other school to celebrate new year.

    -The students learn a song about animals and make a video

    -A group of students dramatize one of the animal species in front of the other students

    -Students evaluate the project using their own sentences


    -Students gain animal love
    -They learn cooparative learning
    -They rise their motivation to learn English
    -They gain enviromental awareness
    -Students learn how to use Web2 tools.
    -Students improve English skills