Individual SS have a chance now to show their creativity and

    design a logo of our project !

    The logo should somehow show:

    the idea behind eTwinning/ cooperation between our countries / our flags /  name and idea of our project 'From our Windows'.

    You can paint or draw it and scan it so that it will be in an electronic form.

    You can create it electronically.

    DEADLINE: 14th April  

    STEPS: 1) create the logo

                  2) send it to your teacher

                  3) There will be voting for the best logo. We will prepare the voting online. It will be anonymous.

    TOOLS: to send the logo to a teacher: mail or bring it on a flashdisc

                  to make the logo: 1) pencils or crayons and a scanner to scan it to the computer

                                                 2) Powerpoint

                                                 3) Glogster

                                                 4) online tools for making logos



    EXAMPLES of other project logos:

    AWARD for the WINNER: ? + never-ending fame all around the world+ respect :)