What do you know about your partners' homelands? - ACTIVITY 1

  • What do you know about your partners' homelands? - brainstorming

    This activity we are doing to find out what our teams know about each other's country. At the end of our project (in June) we will do it again to compare what we have learnt.


    STEPS: 1) SS in pairs/groups/whole team brainstorm what they know about the other two countries

                2) SS make together with the teacher one padlet with two colums: write what they know about the other two countries

                    name the padlet: ...brainsCzech/brainsPoles/brainsTurks

               3) Send the link of the padlet to teachers of the teams or if already available, place it to the Twinspace. After all teams have brainstormed!

               4) After padlets of other teams are delivered, SS read it and write feedback to the forum in Twinspace or better to the padlets. They need to  be given rights be the author of the padlet to write.:

     Students answer these questions: * Have you been surprised by any of the things? Which ones and can you say why?

     *  Are there any basic things missing that you would expect the other countries to know about your country? e.g. a famous

    personality or a geographical fact?

     *  Do the other teams know more or less than you had expected?

    *   Do you want to correct any information given by the other team? Do it:)

               5) SS will read the feedback at home and they can reply something in the forum.


    There will be links to the padlets created for the brainstorming. So that SS can comment on them - to the padlets.

    Brainstorming by Czechs:

    Brainstorming by Poles:

    Brainstorming by Turks:http://padlet.com/ibrahimenglish/1smhd349on8z