• TASK: INTRODUCE YOUR TOWN: A) inform about its location, size, population, flag / coat of arms, industry/economy, etc.

                                               B) present its favourite tourist sights - in video or presentation

                                               C)  ask some citizens (5 could be enough) of your town these two questions + record them by camera :

                                                1) What do you like about _______________ (name of your  town)? 

                                                2) Are there any problems in your town?  / What don't you like about ------?

                                                - you can ask differently if you wish but it should be about some positives and negatives

                                                - the people must agree that you will record them

                                                - put the video to a youtube and incorporate in your presentation, add English subtitles if it is in your mother tongue, please.

                                               D) prepare a google form quiz for the other teams to ask them what they remember from your presentation

                                                  and also which place they would be interested to see the most from the presented places in your town

                                               E) Present the reults of the quiz in Twinspace

    * You can write also about your favourite place in the town. 

    WORK: distribute the work among individuals or groups

    TOOLS: You will need: a mobile phone/tablet/camera to shoot a video of the people answering questions

                                          a Power Point / Glogster / Prezzi or something similar to present

                                          youtube to publish the recored videos

                                          google form - a toll where you can make online quizes


    DEADLINE: We will discuss it with teachers, but for now: 16th April 2016. Let's say in one month approximately.



    Czech team glogs:


    Turkish team:

    Polish team:

    padlet: questions for feedback: