Data Management



    Data storage will be done in spread sheet in each institution and on digital documentation stored on the cloud.

    They will do regular backups of all documentation, in order to avoid missing any information.

    Information will always be accessible online since all partners will be responsible for maintaining all content available in their web pages and online platforms.


    To analysis of inquiries and other statistical information we will use different formats of software, for example, SPSS end Excel. “Many eyes” software will also be used to evaluate the frequency of words selected by the partner teams during the first step of the project (selection of words/expressions to include in the platform)


    Private data analysis will only be divulgated internally, using twin space and the e-mail for that purpose.

    Direct contacts will only be available to the persons that are involved directly in the project, and more personal data, as telephone numbers, will only be available to local project coordinators and directors of the institutions.

    Most of the collected data isn’t susceptible of being considered personal data.