Questions for Europe? – Answers from Europe!


People's questions provide important clues about their identities, give away their hopes, but also their fears and uncertainties. Collected in a systematic fashion, such questions can reflect a macrocosm of thoughts, of ways of life, and of individual as well as collective identities. Especially at a time of vital challenges to a united Europe against the severe global crises, focusing on the questions of young people from different European countries offers the possibility of figuring out what is on young Europeans' minds and what they expect from Europe. If young people cannot find answers to their questions in their local, regional or national contexts, they can use Europe as "think tank", which they can tap for knowledge and experiences available in other European countries and which can help to answer their questions. If Europe can provide answers to the central questions of its youth, it can give them guidance and promote their commitment to the idea of united and diverse Europe.

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