Six Thinking Hats

This project is about developing creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. The 'Six Thinking Hats' is based on parallel thinking by Ed de Bono. We will apply the concept to various topics and situations.


    Project Journal

    • I have registered my students! Turkish team :))
      - Posted by Manjit Breyal, 18.09.2018

    • Greek team was enrolled in the project. :)

      - Posted by Σταματία (Stamatia) Σταμάτη (Stamati), 18.09.2018

    • Hi everybody from Valencia, Spain: the classes are starting and my students are registered. Next week, will begin introductions
      - Posted by M.Amparo Fernández, 15.09.2018

    • Greetings from my town Pula.
      It is a small but amazing town with 60 000 inhabitants. It is situated by the Adriatic sea and it is very popular with tourists.
      The most wonderful thing about my town is the fact that is 3 000 years old. There are numerous historical monuments from Ancient Roman times onwards.


      - Posted by Tea Sisko, 01.09.2018

    • Greatings from Green Lungs of Poland - Białystok in Podlasie

      Podlasie landscape 04.jpg
      By Lilly M - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

      - Posted by Katarzyna Polak, 31.08.2018