Six Thinking Hats

This project is about developing creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills. The 'Six Thinking Hats' is based on parallel thinking by Ed de Bono. We will apply the concept to various topics and situations.


    Project Journal

    • Turkey, Özge Koleji -We have formed groups and we have started to research ideas and possibilities. Students will create powerpoints over the next couple of weeks and then present to their classes followed by a class discussion using the Six Thinking Hats concept. Finally, we will vote on the best one per class.

      Plan a school trip.jpg

      - Posted by Manjit Breyal, 14.11.2018

    • Wear your Hat and Let's Play: Our Trasnational Game.


      - Posted by Σταματία (Stamatia) Σταμάτη (Stamati), 06.11.2018

    • Making and understand hats in Spain

      COLLAGE comprendiendo sombreros.jpg

      - Posted by M.Amparo Fernández, 02.11.2018

    • We also made a video showing our students while making the hats.

      - Posted by Korana Lukić Šuran, 31.10.2018

    • This is our presentation.


      - Posted by Tea Sisko, 30.10.2018