The Treasure Hunters

Students are obliged to make some presentations about their hometowns, prepare the most interesting legends, present the emblem of their city and find the most interesting monuments as a treasure. Using given instructions and maps children will be hunters who try to find treasure hidden by the partner school.


    Project Journal

    • At last we have prepared a legend about Torun. I hope you will like it.
      - Posted by Malgorzata Switajska, 23.06.2015

    • Hello everyone!
      Our presentation about Mielec in files. :-)

      Mielec prezentacja.pdf

      - Posted by Martyna Radłowska-Lewińska, 17.05.2015

    • Great presentation prepared by our partners about their hometown-Istanbul. Excellent work-congratulation!!!


      - Posted by Malgorzata Switajska, 10.05.2015

    • I have uploaded photos of my students who are holding letters from their penfriends in Istanbul. You can find them in images

      letters from Turkey for 3b

      letters from Turkey for 3c

      letters from Turkey for 3a

      - Posted by Malgorzata Switajska, 05.05.2015

    • More photos




      sport and futball club in mielec.jpg

      - Posted by Malgorzata Switajska, 19.04.2015