Project Plan

  • Project Plan



    Beginning in school


    At the beginning you should inform all the teachers and parents about the project. Please, take at least one picture from this meeting and inform about the project on your website. It is good if you create a special section for this project on your school website. 





    Ana created Twinspace for the project results and to use it as a project website. I already had meeting with her and she showed me some features of Twinspace that we can use. You can start and complete some pages with the information about your school.





    Talk to your students about the project and try to create the logo, then choose 2 best designs and upload them on the project website - Twinspace. Try to do it until 24th of October. The following week we will meet online with the students to vote for the best one. I suggest following: each school will have 30 votes to choose, and it is up to you if you have 30 students or 15 and everybody votes twice.


    Video conferencing


    I always used Skype for the meetings, but Ana showed me a nice tool Adobe Connect which we can use. Adobe Connect is used by the eTwinning web, it has many features and it looks

    professionally. We need to try it. How about meeting all of us next week for a few minutes. Please, suggest best times in the calendar – Preparing meetings (see Google account) asap and we will create the meeting.



    Google Account


    Ana also created our common Google Account which is a great idea for sharing information and materials. You can find the project application there, for example.

    Our account:



    I created two calendars:


    1. Preparing meetings – where we can suggest times for different meetings. I hope it will be easy to see quickly which dates or times are the best.

    2. Project Schedule – where we can write the important dates. !!!We have different times! Portugal and Estonia are one hour different form Czechia, Croatia and Spain. Let`s always use Prague Time Zone :D. Do not forget.



    School information


    Please, could you complete the document School Information, so we have all the relevant information. 





    For the quick communication among the coordinators I suggest Whatsapp. And Facebook, to be in touch with all the teachers taking part in the project.



    Students` conjoint work


    One of the best and the most demanding project activity is the conjoint work of the students. We are going to create a book, a movie, and comics.



    Students video conferencing


    I always prefer this kind of meeting face to face NOT class to class. But I understand that it might not be possible for every school.