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The key point of this project are books. Teams from Czech republic, Greece, Italy, Poland and Estonia cooperate on activities connected with reading, writing, story telling, getting to know our culture etc. The most important and common aim for all of us is to have fun with books and their stories. We use modern technology tools to encourage our st...

Project Journal

  • I'm speechless, happy, crazy about it. A big thank you to all here.


    - Posted by Ναυσικά Κουλούρη, 30.10.2015

  • Ok, hello everyone. If you have the time try and fill in these bubbles. Let's have some fun again. I'm missing you all.
    - Posted by Ναυσικά Κουλούρη, 29.10.2015

  • The Wimpy Kid activity can start! What do you think?
    - Posted by Ivana Brabcová, 17.09.2015

  • We are successful too! The Czech team and our project work was awarded by the Quality Label in the Cezch Republic too! Now we have big motivation to finish our project.


    - Posted by Ivana Brabcová, 17.09.2015

  • And since my students don't know about it yet, here it is for them just in case anyone drops in, which I do not expect to tell you the truth. I hope they are all enjoying their summer vacations after the hard work they've done and they are about to do by September. :)

    students etwinning quality label.PNG

    - Posted by Ναυσικά Κουλούρη, 24.07.2015