Create, Share, Learn


The project "Create, Share, Learn" wants to make schools places where the idea and philosophy of Educational Makerspace (EM) and Tinkering (TI) spread new and innovative methodologies in didactics, foster pupils' creativity and improve pupils' inclusion. Educational makerspaces (EM) and Tinkering (TI) have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach to teaching and learning. The maker movement in education is built upon the foundation of constructionism, which is the philosophy of hands-on learning through building things. In this philosophy of learning, teachers act as guides to inquiry-based approaches to the development of knowledge and thinking processes. Going further, schools that will implement Educational Makerspaces in this project will adapt themselves to local needs, opening their "Fablab" to the local territory and citizenship. It is important the collaboration between different EM, each seeking to solve a local problem but sharing experience.

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