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Here, we will share how we are working together and learning from our international mates.

Project Journal

  • Dear partners,

    Before closing this project I would like to say thank you for your collaboration once more because the project has received the National Award in Spain and it could not have been possible with your help and team work.

    I hope to you to bring yourself to repeat another etwinning project to help our students to be competent, to motivate them and even to motivate ourselves doing different and interesting projects connected with the rest of Europe.


    - Posted by JESICA TEJERA CASTRO, 20.06.2018

  • Dear partners,
    Today is the last day at school for the students,it was great working with you,l hope we work again in the future,enjoy your summer holidays and take care.
    Best wishes
    P.S.My school would very much like to take part in an Erasmus project so if you have something in mind we would be happy to consider it.
    Happy Summer Partners❤️⛱🍦
    - Posted by THEODORA ANTONOPOULOS, 15.06.2018

  • Great video Alicia,l will show it to my students tomorrow.
    - Posted by THEODORA ANTONOPOULOS, 10.06.2018

  • - Posted by Alicja Wysokińska, 10.06.2018

  • Dear partners,

    Here you can see the whole etwinning wall where there is information about all the countries that have participated in the project! :-)


    - Posted by JESICA TEJERA CASTRO, 10.06.2018