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Project Journal

  • The Roses' Miracle: historical perspective
    Class 5 E, Portugal

    - Posted by Leonor Victorino, 13.06.2018

  • This work was made by Gabriel, 5I Class / Fernando Pessoa (Portugal).
    We liked very much of the italian legend - it has some similarities with the legend in Portugal (Misarela). There is a pact with the Devil, he builds the bridge and then there is a priest in history.

    a ponte do diabo.jpg

    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 11.06.2018

  • Powered by emaze
    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 11.06.2018


    One of the best way to communicate a story using creativity. Apart from that, it is the best way to organize the information and to know how the students have understood the plot of stories.

    We have created the poster with the information worked through this project.

    Here we send the last examples. (I´m sorry to send them so late but the students have been sick so, they could not come to school)




    - Posted by JESICA TEJERA CASTRO, 07.06.2018

  • We have been reading the legend of " the lagoon of seven cities". It has been interesting what similar both legends are!!! Thanks for your feeback.



    - Posted by JESICA TEJERA CASTRO, 07.06.2018