CRAFT - Creating Really Advanced Future Thinkers This project will focus on how teachers can teach students 21st Century Skills in a way that combines theory and practice. During this project we want to share ideas and resources for developing a didactic approach that combines both subject based learning and needs for 21st century learners.

Project Journal

  • My small village, Vila Nova de Paiva have a river more clíne off Europe. Is in center of Portugal. Wellcomme

    - Posted by student 104, 13.04.2018

  • Palácio da Ajuda Lisboa

    - Posted by student 145, 13.04.2018

  • Leiria

    - Posted by student 144, 13.04.2018

  • I' from Lagoa, Algarve but I work in Silves.

    - Posted by student 109, 13.04.2018

  • Alcobaça, the county town, near Benedita.

    - Posted by student 181, 13.04.2018