T.O.W.N. - This Other Wonderful Neighbourhood

Students create a maquette of their town / neighbourhood (in groups of 2 to 4 students), write a short text describing it and present it. The descriptions are recorded (audio + photos or video) and posted on Twinspace. The texts are written on postcards with pictures of students’ town and sent to the partner schools.


    Project Journal

    • We have also received letters from Castelo Branco, Portugal and from Wodynie,Poland and they filled us with strong feelings, dear friends!
      - Posted by Veliki Anna-Theodora, 21.06.2018

    • We have also received letters form Serres, Greece and from Wodynie, Poland and we loved reading every one!! ;)

      We created this slideshow with a music from the Portuguese band "Amor Electro" called "Juntos somos mais fortes", which means "Together we are stronger" because that's how we feel after this project - stronger!

      We hope you enjoy!! :)

      T.O.W.N. eTwinning Project by Slidely Slideshow

      - Posted by Ana Sofia M. B. Pereira, 20.06.2018

    • Great news! Letters from Castelo Branco have already arrived in Sentmenat!
      Students are about reading the letters with Celia, their English teacher for last three weeks.


      - Posted by Ana Maria Reyes, 20.06.2018

    • Here we are spreading the word again. We leave you with some pictures of the news about the project on the different school media. You have the links on the page "Spreading the word".

      On the school website


      - Posted by Ana Sofia M. B. Pereira, 14.06.2018

    • On the school Facebook page


      - Posted by Ana Sofia M. B. Pereira, 14.06.2018