T.O.W.N. - This Other Wonderful Neighbourhood

Students create a maquette of their town / neighbourhood (in groups of 2 to 4 students), write a short text describing it and present it. The descriptions are recorded (audio + photos or video) and posted on Twinspace. The texts are written on postcards with pictures of students’ town and sent to the partner schools.


    Project Journal

    • 19th Primary School of Serres, Greece
      One more quality label for our school and the project!

      Χωρίς τίτλο.jpg

      Ετικέτα ποιοτητας TOWN.jpg

      - Posted by NIKOS EFSTRATOPOULOS, 10.10.2018

    • 19th Primary School of Serres, Greece

      We are proud,too! We also got the Quality Labels!

      ετικέτα ποιότητας.png

      ετικέτα μαθητών.png

      - Posted by Veliki Anna-Theodora, 29.09.2018

    • Escola Básica da Mina - Castelo Branco, Portugal

      7 - School Website



      - Posted by Ana Sofia Martins Beirão Pereira, 03.09.2018

    • 19th Primary school in Serres-Greece
      The project appears on the Greek School Net site:

      Greek School Net (SCH)

      - Posted by NIKOS EFSTRATOPOULOS, 09.08.2018

    • Parents and students of 19th Primary school in Serres-Greece can also be informed about the project by my blog:


      - Posted by Veliki Anna-Theodora, 06.08.2018