MORE - MObile Resources on Education: let´s learn with each other - KA2

Each country has teachers who are specialized in one field, so our aim is to spread their knowledge in order to increase the students’ participation in learning and better prepare them for their future jobs or career all over Europe.

Project Journal

  • Best practice results from Erasmus+ - A European conference on Dissemination and Impact in the School Sector

    17th – 19th May 2017 in Bonn

    - Posted by Miguela Fernandes, 28.08.2017

  • Because of MORE project we had enough experience to participate in HandsOnHack and be at the final...

    - Posted by Miguela Fernandes, 21.12.2016

  • Bingooooo ;) :) !!! Thank you, dear Friends... Merci, hvala, obrigado, ...GRAZIEEEE!!! ;)



    - Posted by Danilo Nardi, 30.11.2016

  • Presentation of the project to other schools and teacher. Invitation of the National Agency.

    Our major impact 90% of students with course success.

    - Posted by Miguela Fernandes, 28.11.2016

  • We are already preparing the new eTwinning project related to STEM because we had learn a lot in MORE project, teacher acquire new methodologies in order improve students learnings.

    We are working in a new mindmap to brainstorm new ideas.

    NEW YEAR NEW IDEIAS - Great team...


    - Posted by Miguela Fernandes, 10.09.2016