We would like to prepare a project in which students would have to prepare a Pokemon that could originate from their countries (that would have features and characteristics of animals of a given region and/or be connected to a given country's region). We would like to invite teachers from each EU+ countries so that we can create a map of each ...

Project Journal

  • Quality Label for the project in Portugal
    Great :)

    selo pokemon.png

    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 21.07.2018

  • Michal, can you present the europe map with the chosen Pokémons?
    It would be nice :)
    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 09.07.2018

  • Polish Pokemon is... Cow Pokemon. I've asked a local artist to draw it professionally


    - Posted by Michał Siwkowski, 04.07.2018

  • "lincewolf", a Pokémon knight. Fairy type, with the power of invisibility, to be solitary like the lynx that hides at night in castles and appears with other knights, in the fog, to defend their group. Half male and half female, say the kids. They know it !!!!
    It was fun and fun. And I was known among parents .. as the teacher Pokémon !!!
    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 18.06.2018

  • Well, I think our "lincewolf" is a good portuguese Pokémon!
    - Posted by Delfina Casalderrey, 18.06.2018