BRIDGES To A Brighter Future

The aim of the project is to allow the students understanding the different job opportunities in the countries involved in the project, promoting their mobility in the different countries. Understanding future skill needs is essential for shaping education and training policies, particularly as labour markets undergo dynamic transformation driven by demographic change, digitalisation, extensive value chains and increased complexity in work organisation. Globalisation of the labour market leads to a stronger competition inside and between markets and therefore to a new vision of education. In this century, information is already available on the internet so the students can reach it easily. Nowadays they don't need to learn information/memorise it, but learn to act. With the help of this project our students will learn 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, curiousity, innovation... The starting point will be the knowledge of the most important future career opportunities in the different countries, through a workshop hold by each hosting country. So the participant students will know which kind of future jobs will be the most important.

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