Jobs of the future-our future jobs

The project is focused on the future jobs of our students- how to become, teacher, hairdresser? What makes each job unique? Moreover, the project is focused on partnership and cooperation between different age groups, in order to show how students evolve during their education.


    Project Journal

    • what about exchanging vocabulary?
      - Posted by Milena Kupczyk-Golinska, 11.06.2018

    • I' ve just added some new pictures of my students' works. Zespół Szkół nr 2, Nowy Dwór Gdański:)
      - Posted by Gosia Markun, 17.03.2018

    • Hi, here is a link to my student's project-
      - Posted by Gosia Markun, 17.03.2018

    • Hello, everyone,
      I'm sharing a page on my classroom blog with a few articles by my 12-year-olds (
      Greetings from Kikinda, Serbia =)
      - Posted by Dragana Videnov, 14.03.2018

    • :)


      - Posted by Milena Kupczyk-Golinska, 08.03.2018