European Cultural Heritage in the politically and culturally changing world


Radicalization and extremism are phenomena which have been on the rise during the past few years, due to wars and economic crises all around the world. Europe has faced these problems before and, through the creation of the European Union, has managed to overcome them and establish peace for many years. This is the challenge that the European countries are facing again, due to the recent refugee crisis. Our countries have found themselves in the centre of this crisis and should refer to the European cultural heritage to fight against xenophobia and exclusion. These are threats that know no borders, highlighting the vulnerability of all modern societies to the challenges of intolerance, hatred and fear. This project aspires to explore the common European Heritage within the framework of the politically and culturally changing world. There is an urgent need for new forms of education, a new focus on exploitation of the cultural literacy, to defend the European shared cultural heritage.

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