LAUNCHING OUR CO3 ERASMUS SATELLITE: COeducating in schools, COworking in the company, COnnecting Europe.

The project, CO3, is based on 3 fundamental ideas: COmmunity engagement in schools as a manifestation of our commitment to educational innovation. COllaboration between entities, creating a "climate of entrepreneurship" within schools. COnnecting Europe. CO3 aims to be a tool that enhances the idea of a Europe connected among our students.

Project Journal

  • We are proud of our recicled benches!
    Give a glance you too!
    Find below the links to the Italian blogs!


    Links to italian blogs.docx

    - Posted by Manuelita Melchiorre, 06.06.2017

  • Only 2 weeks left for the CO3 Congress in Madrid! meanwhile enjoy our spanish teachers talking about their experience in the project.

    - Posted by Alberto López García, 26.04.2017

    One of our blogs-Career advisory and entrepreneurship
    - Posted by Cristina Andrei, 26.02.2017

  • Greetings from winterwonderland!

    - Posted by Ville Pesonen, 21.02.2017

  • The new SERVICE-LEARNING ACTIVITY of our Language Lab Team: TRANSFORMA TU LECTURA EN AYUDA (Change your reading in help). We are collecting old books in order to create an idioms librery and also sell them for some money for the families need it for their children education.

    - Posted by Alberto López García, 14.02.2017