Nocturnal Myths and creatures in Europe : ceremonies, celebrations


    Project Journal

    • FEEDBACK 1
      Transnational dialogue (in english) can be downloaded on this page
      Please to all teachers to insert comments in this Twinspace, only if some changes seem to you important to be done.
      FEEDBACK 2 will be published here just before R4.
      Le document de travail en Français est disponible en pièce jointe

      FEEDBACK pentru Monica.pdf

      - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 17.10.2017

    • Feedback ZERO before the insertion of the transnational draft wich will be wtritten in Cluj-Napoca before the 15th of October

      PLEASE TO TEACHERS TO FIND THE POSTS they sent (for their national prodution or the tribute to the transsnational play) on the TEACHER BULLETIN. National tributes are published in the Page FEEDBACK ZERO. Teacher or student you can insert your texts or comments as soon as you want. A brain storming on line is supposed to be open between Feedback 1 edition (the 15th of october) and Feedback 2 (just before R4)... but you can send materials from now...
      First draft was published in nbeplus website
      DOWNLOAD IT ON!234&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!ALGQ9-Z_SHQy81k
      (Romanian pitch was the thread for the narrative).

      BEGINNINGS / Romanian team / Presentation of Dracula's nephew.
      Who is he, and where does he live (probably in London, like Bram Stoker's hero). How is he obliged to leave his home to make a big travel around the world. What is his quest ? Who is with him ? He could be a little ill, very pale, not really believing his ancestors were vampires but very scared by everything above the sun, frightened by air planes and foreigners. His wife could try convince him to move. In fact they will probably lost their flat (cause the woman has no more job ?) so he is very anxious and accept to go away against money… They are supposed to go to Transylvania but...
      ROMA / Vlad Murray and his wife, Italian characters : Hope / Modern style
      Vlad took a charter and was obliged to make a stop in Roma. Troubles with police and customers in London. A big tropical storm wasted the airport in Italy. The airline went to bankrupt. Vlad tried to go to the city centre to find a hotel but it he felt modern city too noisy and disgusting (strippers were on strike). Meeting with Hope who is always looking for powerful creatures. Vlad is recognized as the Prince of the Night’s nephew and Hope is very enthusiastic about that, he takes him to Riga by a magic way and with roman ghosts’help.
      LATVIA / Vlad, Hope, Latvian characters / Beauty Contest
      Hope wanted the Riga werewolf to ask to Vlad to choose the most beautiful Miss.
      ROMANIA / Vlad, the miss, Hope, Vlad’s woman, Transylvanian characters / Marriage
      Vlad arrives at his ancestor’s castle…. His wife is waiting for him. Querells. Hope wants to marry the Miss, she is scared by her Valentine… but the two men did vanish in a computer screen.
      TURKEY / Vlad, the miss, Hope, Vlad’s woman, Turkish characters / No dead
      Count Dracula is still alive somewhere in his castle next to Izmir. But he became a geek ; he needs an help and would like if his nephew to become a hero… In fact Hope saves Dracula…. and Vlad takes a plane to Biarritz to hide himself in caves because it is said nobody knows nothing about all tired vampires who went to Basque country… and he wants for himself “a quiet no life”. Just before to escape, he tried to use Dracula’s special computer to make appear his wife but… it’s the miss who join him !
      FRANCE / Vlad, the miss, Izen gabea French characters He meets Izen Gabea and understands the Basque Vampires is seeking to destruct or to make leave all foreign creatures. Vlad does not want anything would be changed in the inhabitants’ way of life and explain to Izen Gabea foreign evil creatures all around the world like basque vampires traditions and are dreaming to discover its. The Basque vampire becomes more and more sweet and promises to cease all violences . We can guess he’s perhaps in love with the miss ?

      - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 08.10.2017

    • REMINDER : Last changes of your national tribute to the transnational narrative must be uploaded before the 1st of October and first tries to do a "only one piece" with the 5 countries' texts or synopsises can be done in the same time (Turkish team just did it). FEEDBACK 1 in october : first official draft by Romanian team (brain storming with French partners) the 14th of october.
      - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 01.10.2017

    • The transnational pitch and all national contributions are on line since may, 2017
      and the draft began to be published as a power point from june, 2017. You'll find it on :
      After Feedback 1 proposals from teachers or pupils may be inserted here in order to build a completed draft for R4 (november).
      - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 27.09.2017

    • The last version of the common story draft from Türkiye.

      Hatred (Lanetli).docx

      - Posted by Şerife Güngör, 20.09.2017