Nocturnal Myths and creatures in Europe : ceremonies, celebrations

Project Journal

  • FEEDBACK ZERO - first transnational rewriting phase to be continued
    The 10th of July, 2017

    Please you to insert in Project Journal your drafts and to come back here from september to see answers and proposals to make a story with all the drafts and national contributions.

    As regards the transnational rewriting to be done in autumn, the "rewrite roadbook" is on the page
    And I will insert in it the feedback taking into account the modifications to make to coherent the narrative, according to the contributions of the various teams on the openspace (our Twinspace Ilargia).
    The idea is that all the texts will be written in November at the latest, so that our stafff has time enough to propose possible corrections but above all to reflect on the staging and translations in French to be broadcast during the show.
    The work rhythm is supposed to follow a precise schedule announced in the online schedule

    First phase by 01/10 (proposals from national teams)

    Then second phase: feedback and nesting proposals for 14/10/17
    Third phase from 15/10 to 08/11: final drafting

    Then replay during R4.

    Pour ce qui concerne la réécriture transnationale à faire à l'automne, le "rewrite roadbook" est sur la page
    et j'y insérerai au fur et à mesure le feedback tenant compte des modifications à apporter pour rendre cohérent le récit, en fonction des contributions des diverses équipes sur l'openspace (notre Twinspace Ilargia).
    L'idée est que nous disposions de tous les textes en novembre au plus tard, pour avoir le temps de proposer d'éventuelles corrections mais surtout de réfléchir à la mise en scène et aux traductions en Français à diffuser pendant le spectacle.
    Le rythme de travail est censé suivre un planning précis annoncé dans le planning en ligne
    première phase d'ici au 01/10 (propositions des équipes nationales)
    puis seconde phase : feedback et propositions d'imbrication pour le 14/10/17
    troisième phase du 15/10 au 08/11 : rédaction définitive
    puis relecture durant R4.
    - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 15.07.2017

  • C4 Cesme Mobility, is the first draft written by Turkish students for the rewriting of the story.

    ENDLESS DELUSION-First Story from Turkish Team.docx

    - Posted by Şerife Güngör, 09.07.2017

  • C4 RESULTS / Leads for the transnational narrative
    2. R3 Roadbook
    You can download the "Rewrites guide" (A18 note) or the Meeting Agenda (A19 note)

    Make your choice


    International coordination note A18.pdf

    - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 29.05.2017

  • C4 RESULTS / Leads for the transnational narrative
    1. Romanian synopsis
    (abstract : prologue of the show played by Clmuj Team in Cesme)
    Prologue au spectacle joué le Samedi 13 mai, lu sur scène par Vlad


    Make your choice

    Our story is about you! A normal human taken by fears and courage like it’s in our real life.
    The night is almost over, the alarm rings and it’s time to wake up.

    As soon you wake up, the fear and the courage are catching you.

    In real life are many troubles. All what it happens every day: difficulties, violence, fear and failure can mean positive experience if you have courage enough and if you face and overcome all situations; if you are able to assume what it happens to you.

    Sometimes travel is like a drama. Stereotypes and fears about foreigners have bad impacts on our freedom. People are afraid by crashes and violence and hungry against insecurity and terrorism they believe to be stronger outside of their homeland. They are shocked by unusual behavior (from the point of view) like homosexuality. And they do not accept immigration.

    If you want enjoy life, increase your human skills: manly acceptance and tolerance. Be peaceful, open to diversity. Then, you will be free and can cross all the frontiers.

    Self reliance or irrational fears: You must make your choice.
    We did. We have chosen to be part of a European project founded by the European Union!
    We will show you our story on Saturday and we hope you like

    - Posted by PIERRE-LAURENT VANDERPLANCKE, 29.05.2017

  • Supernatural beings like vampires or demons attract a great deal of our attention. So how do we define these beings? Of course, there are many studies on this .
    This document is from Mr. Seçkin SARPKAYA (Ege University, Institute for Turkish World Studies, Lecturer / PhD Student)


    The Oldest One.docx

    - Posted by Şerife Güngör, 29.10.2016