Sveikiname LietuvÄ…!

On February 16th we celebrate the Centennial of the restored Lithuania. Our state was restored 100 years ago. We would like to invite friends from around Europe to record their short videos saying 'Congratulations to Lithuania!' in English, their language and Lithuanian (Sveikiname LietuvÄ…! ['svej-ki-na-me lje-tu-va]) and post them t...

Project Journal

  • We've recieved your beautiful "thank you" hearts!!! Friendship forever!


    - Posted by Diana Gette, 03.05.2018

  • The historic event took place today, April 21st, on the island of Khortytsia !!!
    On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the liberation struggle between Ukraine and Lithuania and in memory of the Ukrainian soldiers who perished in the struggle for statehood and freedom of Ukraine, 2100 young, four-year-old oakks were planted. Public activists in Lithuania collected funds for the purchase of seedlings of elite varieties of oak. The event was attended by four representatives of Lithuania: company commander ,, Lithuanian Strelki "Gedimin Armonavichus, representative of the Ministry of Ecology of Lithuania, retired military Markivachus Kestutis, deputy attache for defense of Lithuania Babonis Mindauas.


    - Posted by Tetiana Prokudina, 21.04.2018

  • Our corner


    - Posted by Nazeli Gishyan, 21.03.2018

  • We received a letter from Lithuania! Thank you! We hope for further work in joint projects!


    - Posted by Tetiana Prokudina, 19.03.2018

  • Our congratulations



    - Posted by Nazeli Gishyan, 13.03.2018