Greetings from Europe! - Postcard Exchange

This year Europe celebrates its cultural heritage and the best way to learn about our European countries is exchanging colourful postcards, showing everyone their country's cultural heritage with shorts notes as to what they are and what they mean. The aim of this project is to send/receive as many postcards as possible to create a colorful E...

Project Journal

  • We are making postcards for you! Greetings from LITHUANIA!!!

    Collage 2018-02-22 12_15_35.jpg

    - Posted by Laura Bajoriūnė, 22.02.2018

  • Pupils got the assignement from the Teacher to read a czech novel by Karel Capek: Nine Fairy Tales: And One More Thrown in for Good Measure which contains the short crime novel named "Postman's fairytale"(Pohadka poštacka) . Since the story starts with the postman named Kolbaba we will make analogy with our Project - sending and receiving postcards, the good old way of communication.

    - Posted by Jasna Panza, 22.02.2018

  • Hello Partners!

    I've uploaded a document in the Materials Page so it is easier to see who we are going to send postcards to. It divides everyone in the Address Page into countries and I ask you to mark off to whom you wish to send postcards to.

    I will be updating this information hourly/daily. Please bear in mind that I'm in the last set of time zones of all the partner countries (my classes finish at 20.00 Lisbon time) so updates can be held up a bit.

    I have closed entries to the Address Book Page although I did give the 28th of February as a deadline. I am not allowing more members in the Twinspace besides those who have provided an address on that Page.

    Sorry... Thank you so much for your help...

    Partner Countries.docx

    - Posted by Cátia Matos, 21.02.2018

  • Hi!


    - Posted by Özlem Yüksekbaş, 20.02.2018

  • Dear partners,
    Please read what one of my students has posted on the padlet wall about our country. He has even made his own powerpoint presentation for you!!! Good job, Peter!!!!
    Dear teachers, you can ask your students, if they have a little time at school or at home, to present aspects of their country using the padlet like Peter did. It would be a nice interaction between students of different cultures, the kind of interaction that etwinning is all about, don' t you agree?
    Nancy (Greece) :)
    - Posted by Αθανασία Διαμαντοπούλου, 19.02.2018