Project scope and goals

  • SDGs Kids Avengers 

    A global Student-centered project , interdisciplinary, hands on solution-minded approach to connect children with the SDGs. 


    How can we prepare our kids to become empathetic, responsible,  global citizens, change makers, if we don’t let them know about the world biggest challenges they are going to face in their adulthood ? 


    In order to achieve the UN’s vision of a more peaceful, healthy and equitable world by putting in motion it’s action plan for the next decade, we have to involve third of the world’s population in the movement. 

    The goal of this centered-student global project is to bring the global goals closer to children, promote skill-building and content knowledge, helping empower them with the confidence they need not only to thrive in their lives but also to become  role models in the future, in their communities  and at a global scale by shaping their views and develop insights as they grow up. 

    Students will have to create their own Stories and cartoons, SDGs Heroes and Avengers who will deal with real life problems and will use solving strategies to vanquish the evil and prevent catastrophes. 

    Students who will become, through this project, story tellers, will be challenged to push their imagination and deeper thinking about scenarios, causes and effects, scientific truths and actions, reactions and  consequences. They will imagine characters and put themselves in their positions. They will become writers, artists, thinkers, and mostly they will become creators. 

    The goal of « SDGs Kids Avengers »project  is to arm them with the knowledge and technology to become a powerful driving force and inspirational generation, to create long term sustainable and practical solutions they need to help their communities to make positive changes.  

    At the end of this project, we hope to contribute to a growing mind-set of the participants, to become active content and knowledge producers and pro-active, engaged, empathetic and passionate  future adults, committed to driving change for the Global Goals.  



    Students will have to create their own cartoons and stories, Sketchnotes, animations and movies  in their mother tongues to spread the word among their communities and other languages with their foreign languages teachers. They may use Sway, Power Point, Office Mix, Paint 3D, Flipgridbuncee, etc. 

    They will have to write about "How do they imagine the world by 2030" using Minecraft for example. 

    Create collaborative articles and songs using Word online, and create it’s video clip animation. 

    They will connect with Skype to exchange ideas and outcomes with their peers all over the world. 

    Hopefully, we will gather all their cartoons and stories and publish them in an e-book.