Eratosthenes 2018

Students from all continents cooperate and collaborate to reproduce one of the science's 10 most beautiful experiments of all time: Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's circumference.

Project Journal

  • 11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece


    - Posted by Athanasia Zafeiropoulou, 20.03.2018

  • 2o Experimental Primary School of Rhodes
    Shadow: 26.2



    - Posted by Katerina Tragouda, 20.03.2018

  • Ioannina, GRECE: Collège Modèle Zosimaia Scholis Ioannina. Enfin, le soleil brille....


    - Posted by ELENI HARTZAVALOU, 20.03.2018

  • It's the first day we've been able to measure. Time kept a little with us, although the snow is still snowing. I was hoping I was not late.
    Scoala Gimnaziala Nr. 4, Rm. Valcea,Gradinita Dumbrava Minunata,Romania
    Data: 20.03.2018
    longitudine= 24.358
    solar noon= 13:30
    gnomon = 30 cm
    shadow = 30,18 cm
    angle = 45,2

    20 MARTIE 2018...jpg

    20 MARTIE 2018..jpg

    20 MARTIE 2018.jpg

    20 MARTIE2018.jpg

    - Posted by Ispir Iuliana-Florentina, 20.03.2018

  • 1st High school of Aigio, Greece
    20-3-2018 Measurement competition between students


    - Posted by Aspasia Dilalou, 20.03.2018