Citizen actions with Handicap International


    On September,12th 2015, the French took part in the action "Pyramide de chaussures" organised by Handicap International, in Armentières.

    Here is the video they made:

    In October 2015, when we all met in Finland, the French students presented the action to the Finns and asked them to continue the action in Finland.

    They accepted and will bring all the signatures in Spring 2016.



    Finnish students prepared a presentation to explain what thy did in their country. They collected signatures and sent messages to governement members to know about the country's position about land mines.



    TOGETHER IN FRANCE - April, 29th 2016

    First, Finnish students did a presentation to explain what they did in Finland to continue the action. They were happy to bring signatures and gave them to the volunteers of Handicap International. It was great to see that even if the situation is not the same in France and Finland, students could collaborate and carry out  a citizen action together.

    Then French and Finnish students learnt more about the mine clearing operations set up by HandicapInternational, by watching a demonstration at school. They could of course ask questions and exchange with the volunteers, which was particularly interesting.

    They were all congratulated for their investment and the quality of their work! They can be proud of being active citizens!

    Here is the letter they received :


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