Eratosthenes 2015

Students from all continents join together to reproduce one of the science's 10 most beautiful experiments of all time: Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's circumference.

Project Journal

  • We share our joy for the QL we have beed awarded
    THANK YOU for our collaboration!

    - Posted by Athanasia Zafeiropoulou, 24.09.2016

  • The 2016 project will be soon created. It's time to apply for the quality label on your eTwinning Desktop. You can find some ideas here:
    - Posted by VAYSSIE Eric, 10.01.2016

  • Christmas carols in french

    VID_20151218_090329 from Katerina on Vimeo.

    - Posted by Katerina Tragouda, 08.01.2016

  • A special creative song from my students wishing you a happy new year!!!

    - Posted by ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΚΩΣΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, 25.12.2015

  • A Great project from the teacher of English Christina Calfoglou !
    and the participation of 20 students! Bravo to all of them!


    - Posted by ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΚΩΣΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, 21.12.2015