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CTST is a project whose main aim is to compile a multidisciplinary and multilevel EUROPEAN TEACHER'S TOOLKIT packed with didactic resources and practical classroom strategies.

Project Journal

  • Lego contribution to education.
    During the last transnational meeting in Gera each school presented a brief report on how using Lego blocks contributed to the education of children. Here is a presentation from Poland.

    Lego Prezentacja.pptx

    - Posted by Anna Dołżyńska, 22.06.2017

  • Cells are the building blocks of life...


    - Posted by José Ignacio Maide Merino, 08.11.2016

  • Once again, all together but this time in Saronno, Italy. The fifth transnational meeting was about to start, and we were more than ready to catch up and have a really good time working together.





    - Posted by José Ignacio Maide Merino, 06.11.2016

  • 4th Transnational meeting in Bialystok.Lego trainning.



    - Posted by Mercedes Delgado, 18.05.2016

  • I want to share the final activity of my teacher trainee project.
    The children had to realized a mini book white the information known during our study of the primitive men's evolution.
    If you want see the entire project look at pages "training activity in class 3rd B, Rodari Primary school"




    - Posted by Martina Ravasini, 12.05.2016