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CTST is a project whose main aim is to compile a multidisciplinary and multilevel EUROPEAN TEACHER'S TOOLKIT packed with didactic resources and practical classroom strategies.

Project Journal


    - Posted by José Ignacio Maide Merino, 11.10.2017

  • Lego contribution to education.
    During the last transnational meeting in Gera each school presented a brief report on how using Lego blocks contributed to the education of children. Here is a presentation from Poland.

    Lego Prezentacja.pptx

    - Posted by Anna Dołżyńska, 22.06.2017

  • Cells are the building blocks of life...


    - Posted by José Ignacio Maide Merino, 08.11.2016

  • Once again, all together but this time in Saronno, Italy. The fifth transnational meeting was about to start, and we were more than ready to catch up and have a really good time working together.





    - Posted by José Ignacio Maide Merino, 06.11.2016

  • 4th Transnational meeting in Bialystok.Lego trainning.



    - Posted by Mercedes Delgado, 18.05.2016