Working on a shared art work. Canvases painted in 2017

  • Since the beginning of the project we are working on shared art works. In October each school began to paint two canvanses about the two goals of the  first year, one per each. The first one is opposition to racism and fanaticism and the second one is Shielding the democratic nature of society.

    In october the Istituto Costa began to work to the first convanses. Our starting idea was the Paul McCartney 's song "Ebony and ivory". we discussed about it in the class 3°C and pupils made some sketches. The one chosen was Lorenza 's and she drew the canvas using oil pastels.


    and this is the finished work

    In the other class 3°B we discussed about democracy.  The main idea is that democracy has his roots in costitutional law .This was Alessia'sketch.


    and this is the final work.

    Here are some of the canvases  in which we painted our part during the school year:

    In June we completed the last canvases:

    this year work is finished and we are ready to begin the 12 canvases for the new school year.

    INS d'Auro has been working for two years painting different canvases. Here you can find th results:

    First year canvases:



    Second year canvases:


    ( to be continued by others schools)