SMS: Smart Mini Storytellers

Let´s find the most popular stories in our countries (films, fairy tales, cartoons, comics, normal stories, whatever), draw pictures and include basic information in one or two sentences. Are there any that all of us know? And any unknown to our peers abroad? Then we can ask each other for more information about them and write about ours of course....

Project Journal

  • It was a busy day today :-) We had a videoconference with the Greek class in the morning. Some of us were leaving for a week out in beautiful nature with their teachers at the same moment. We drew pictures and wrote texts for our Padlet in a smaller group than usual in the afternoon. The Padlet will be ready in a week. We also asked some questions the French team.

    VC CZ_GR.jpg

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 23.04.2018

  • Greetings from Adela and Petr!

    Logo Voting Winners.jpg

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 22.04.2018

  • All the teams have voted for the best logo design. And the winner is...

    Logo Voting Results.png

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 22.04.2018

  • Petr and Adela: We answered French questions about our school today. We looked at French school. It's diferent but nice :-)
    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 16.04.2018

  • We voted for the best design of the logo competition. Congratulations to all team members!
    The Greek team would like to wish you all "Happy spring" and "Happy Easter holidays"!
    Talk to you again after April 16th...
    - Posted by AGATHI KAFETZI, 28.03.2018