SMS: Smart Mini Storytellers

Let´s find the most popular stories in our countries (films, fairy tales, cartoons, comics, normal stories, whatever), draw pictures and include basic information in one or two sentences. Are there any that all of us know? And any unknown to our peers abroad? Then we can ask each other for more information about them and write about ours of course....

Project Journal

  • Our new video is online, the French team!

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 18.06.2018

  • These our puppets for the French story we filmed today.

    CZ French story.jpg

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 18.06.2018

  • Hello, eveyone!
    Today we filmed and uploaded on Twinspace the French story. We hope you like it!
    - Posted by AGATHI KAFETZI, 13.06.2018

  • Hello, everyone :)
    We've published our filming of the Czech story n°2 and we've answered their questions on our Padlets. Enjoy :-D
    - Posted by olga huguet, 12.06.2018

  • ...and you can watch the Greek story by Czech eTwinning club. We hope you will like it!

    - Posted by Lucie Nová, 11.06.2018