The Plastic Twins

The project aims to explore the plastic world from all the possible points of view: - the history of plastic - the socio-economical impact of plastic - the chemistry of plastic - the industrial production of plastic - the technology of plastic - the applications of plastic (clothing, containers, etc) - plastic in art and design - plastic in medicine - the environmental impact of plastic The students will form some national/international teams and each team will develop a specific part of the topic. They will have to learn all the topic from other teams’ work. The project will help the students improve their digital skills and develop a number of softskills: communication skills, making decisions, self- motivation, self-awareness, resilience, team-working skills, creativity, problem solving etc. The teams will create posters and videos to document their activities and they will use the Twinspace tools and Skype, to know each other, keep in contact. and share ideas and the product of the

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