About project

  • The main purpose of the project is to present the history of the writing and books. The activities will be theoretical and practical. Nothing so influences the imagination and creativity of the child as learning by doing. As the Chinese philosopher Confucius used to say: "I hear and I forget. I see and remember. I do and I understand. "

    Children learn the stages of script development, learn the history of printing and general outline of the book and its first form. Students will actively participate in discussion about the value of traditional books and will create their own book.

    Aim of the project:

    1.showing the importance of reading;

    2. giving  the differences between the written and listened "word";

    3. showing the role of a written word in the past - how did it influence on people's life;

    4. knowing the good and bad sides of a pictogram;

    5. knowing the "for" and "against" of an audiobook;

    6. knowing the examples of written and listened books that are very important for the countries in the project-giving the history of them to other partners;

    7. showing the huge role of imagination during writing and reading;

    8. learning how to make art. works, showing children's feelings during reading and listening;

    9. knowing the tools, used during writing books in the past and nowadays;

    10. knowing the most famous writers from participants' country.


    1.After completing the project, children will know the history of a "pictogram" and its influence on culture and people's common life.

    2. Children from different countries will recognise the most important "written"  books from their partners' countries.

    3. The participants of the project will be involved in reading as well.

    4. Children will know the good and bad sides of an audiobook.

    5. The children will have the need to use a beautifull and various lenguage, after reading and listening to books.

    6. The participants will know the different technics of reading and writing.

    7. The children will know the most important writers from different countries and their influence on history, culture and life.