Culture for all

Cultural Heritage brings shared understandings of the place we live in. As part of this approach, we will try to make students aware of the meaning of the world inclusion and what our ancestors thought about diversity when monuments or other cultural expresssions were made.


    Project Journal

    • Dear Mrs Polemi and Greek students, I know you celebrate Easter in two weeks' time, and we want to wish you a Happy Easter!!


      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 24.03.2018

    • The Spanish students Marta Dalmau,Cristina Flores, Laura S├ínchez and Xavier Mirmi had the opportunity to go to Sahrawi refugee camps for 10 days!! We look forward to sharing your experiences there!!


      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 24.03.2018

    • A Cultural Heritage journey across the "Secrets of Greece"

      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 17.03.2018

    • Some ideas for places to visit in Spain!!
      All the places are really interesting!!

      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 17.03.2018

    • European Year of Cultural Heritage-Events around Europe.
      You can join any of the actitivies taking place in Greece, Spain and other European countries. Have a look at these websites:
      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 17.03.2018