Culture for all

Cultural Heritage brings shared understandings of the place we live in. As part of this approach, we will try to make students aware of the meaning of the world inclusion and what our ancestors thought about diversity when monuments or other cultural expresssions were made.


    Project Journal

    • Dear all,
      I have changed our logo for the most voted one!!
      Thank you so much for giving your opinion!!
      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 20.05.2018

    • Dear Sandra,
      This is wonderful work! Well done!!!
      - Posted by Laskarina Polemi, 14.05.2018

    • eTwinning Day- Wendy-Thomas Anthony Devas-1950 British portrait painter associated with members of the Euston Road School.
      Thank you, Sandra Domingo, for being possible to make this tableau vivant!! It looks really nice!!

      tep Outin Style! (1).jpg

      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 11.05.2018

    • From:
      Europeana is Europe's digital platform for cultural heritage. It provides free, online access to over 50 million digital records coming from over 3,700 libraries, museums, archives and galleries across Europe.
      You can find anything from digitised artworks, books, manuscripts, maps, to music sheets and film and newspapers. Europeana showcases content from 43 countries and in over 20 languages.

      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 29.04.2018

    • Share your favourite maritime heritage.
      It is very easy!!! Come on!!
      Send a photo or video of the maritime heritage that inspires you and tell them why!!
      Deadline to submit your story: December 2018
      - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 29.04.2018