Culture for all

Cultural Heritage brings shared understandings of the place we live in. As part of this approach, we will try to make students aware of the meaning of the world inclusion and what our ancestors thought about diversity when monuments or other cultural expresssions were made.

Project Journal

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, Laskarina!!
    - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 13.06.2018

  • It has been a truly wonderful project.
    I believe that it approached many dfferent aspects of culture, and my students are truly grateful for it!
    Thank you for taking the lead, my dear Maribel.
    You are truly a precious partner and teachers who work with you are really lucky!
    - Posted by Laskarina Polemi, 30.05.2018

  • Dear all,
    I have changed our logo for the most voted one!!
    Thank you so much for giving your opinion!!
    - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 20.05.2018

  • Dear Sandra,
    This is wonderful work! Well done!!!
    - Posted by Laskarina Polemi, 14.05.2018

  • eTwinning Day- Wendy-Thomas Anthony Devas-1950 British portrait painter associated with members of the Euston Road School.
    Thank you, Sandra Domingo, for being possible to make this tableau vivant!! It looks really nice!!

    tep Outin Style! (1).jpg

    - Posted by M.ISABEL VILA, 11.05.2018