Let's Play Greener

Let’s Play Greener aims at making pupils, teachers and cultural mediators cooperate for two years to create a serious game. This educational project is fully supported by 3 European public schools. It was born from their mutual aspirations to challenge young people’s skills in a digital world, encourage their self-confidence for participating in pu...

The Very First Steps to Creating a Video Game

October 15th 2017

Here we are ! Writing a gameplay... It looks easy but it's not ! We have lots of great ideas... but how to sort out these various ideas ? 

During the Erasmus+ Days, we organised a seminar with Anne Lautrou : she is a professional, a game designer in the Collectif BluePrint

So, Anne, how should we proceed to write a gameplay ? How could this game be serious ? 

And here is... the presentation of the basics of a serious game, designed by Anne Lautrou. 


When you are writing your scenario, please give attention to these specifications:

Author: Hugues LABARTHE
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