Let's Play Greener

Let’s Play Greener aims at making pupils, teachers and cultural mediators cooperate for two years to create a serious game. This educational project is fully supported by 3 European public schools. It was born from their mutual aspirations to challenge young people’s skills in a digital world, encourage their self-confidence for participating in pu...

Welcome ! We are joining hands to create a video game :)

September, 15th 2017.

Hello everyone ! We are so glad to join this Twinspace ! We have been funded by the European Commission for designing a video game about sustainable development ! It's great, isn't it ? 

We are students, from 15 to 18 and we live in three different cities & countries : 

 Drancy, near Paris in France, 

 Moreni, in Romania,

 Bra, near Torino in Italia. 

From Sept. 17 to Augut 19, you will see on this TwinSpace dozens of lads at work designing a video game about sustainable development. It's a work in progress : be gentle and help us as much as you wish !

For two years, we will exchange ideas, knowledge, expertise about writing a gameplay, designing the mechanics, the graphics and the levels, coding and translating our game. The results of this innovative partnership will be progressively published on this dedicated website

Author: Hugues LABARTHE
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