Sports & Healthy Eating Habits across Europe

Students from different countries will create an e-magazine to present to their peers from abroad different kinds of sports practised in their country, as well as healthy eating habits. Students will write articles, illustrate them with photos or short videos and use different Web 2.0 tools.

Project Journal

  • We spent the last day of the project actively. We defeated 6 km with sticks. Nordic Walking is becoming more and more popular in Poland.

    Thank you to all partners for cooperation! I hope we will meet again soon! See you later! :-)


    - Posted by Jowita Królikowska, 02.05.2018

  • I want to thank my class for the effort and all the commitment with the project ... thank U girls (Joana and Manuela) ... Thank you boys (António, Fernando, Hugo and José Miguel) ... you grabbed the project from the very first moment and went through it with passion :) THANKS ;)


    - Posted by Manuela Maria Goiana Ferreira, 01.05.2018

  • Our project on the Web!

    Sports Healthy Eating Habits across Europe.jpg

    - Posted by Ana Figueiredo, 21.04.2018

  • Create your own Animation
    - Posted by Jowita Królikowska, 04.04.2018

  • Happy Easter Monday from Italy!
    The Italian students will work on Etwinning soon after Easter holidays.
    - Posted by CATERINA MAZZAFERRO, 02.04.2018