Seize The Day

The title of this Project is “Seize The Day”. The project focuses on the photographs taken by the students such as the dry leaves of autumn, the falling snow of winter and the nature that wakes up early in the spring, and the emotional effects on us.

Project Journal

  • A baby snail among the strawberries says "hello"


    - Posted by Beyazıt ALAN, 14.04.2018

  • our neighbourhood


    - Posted by Beyazıt ALAN, 27.03.2018

  • our guest...


    - Posted by Beyazıt ALAN, 27.03.2018

  • Spring is everywhere here... temperature is about 10-20 C'


    - Posted by Beyazıt ALAN, 17.03.2018

  • We are still waiting for spring. Unfortunatelly we are suffering another winter attack with -7 temperatures and snow at the moment.
    - Posted by Danuta Franik, 17.03.2018