The project is a KA2 of the erasmus+. It will see four mobilities and the aims are the connections between sciences and other topics, like philosophy and social sciences. This space, for now, is for mobility 1, concerning energy production and consumption.

Mobility in München 02.2015

Sun 15 feb.:

departure - arriving in hotel

19:00 supper

20:00-22:00 icebreaking:

Short introduction, name, age, interest etc. (teachers and students)

To get know the schools. (presented by students)

What will happen during the week.

Rules during out stay

Mon 16 feb.: all day in museum 9-17

9:00-9:15 arrive in museum (Traudel)

9:15 – 10:45 guided visit (Energy department) in two groups parallel (Herr Dittmann und Herr Röber)

10:45-11:15 find the room we are going to work

11:15-12:15 students work, find objects (get to know the museum)

12:15 -13:00 lunch

13:00-14:00 presentation of result of first task (recorded)

14:00-17:00 energy demand and usage in the past, guided visit by students in the museum (recorded)

Tues 17 feb.:

9:30-13:30 Laboratory for Extreme Photonics at uni in two groups

Slide in uni

14:30-17:00 Guided tour in Munich or BMW Welt

19:00-22:00 fasching in Bayern

Wed 18 feb.: Garching

10:00- 13:00 Reactor visit group one

14:00-17:00 Reactor visit group two

Plasma Physics Institute in Garching in two group

19:00-21:00 Debate (responsibility of scientist) (recorded)

Thus 19 feb.: all day in museum 9-17

Preparation exercises and work for energy simulation game

9:00-09:30 introduction

12:00- 13:00 lunch break

13:00- 15:00 bilateral discussion

Fri 20 feb.: all day in museum 9-17

9:00 -12:30 energy simulation game (recorded)

13:00- 16:30 guided visit in museum in two group after each other

(astronomy department) Petra Riedel

13:00- 17:00 parallel with tour there will be time for free visit in museum


Sat 21 feb.: kisses and tears,

8:00 leaving from hotel (Hungarian)



Author: Matteo Stanga
Last editor: Zsolt Csaba