4 C's for the 21st Century

The main objective of the project is to promote the acquisition, among our students, of the necessary competencies to become effective citizens in the world of work. The five participating centers, with the title Four Cs for the 21 Century: Curiosity, Cooperation, Communication and Creativity, have developed this project that is part of an Erasmus...


    Project Journal

    • Hello to everyone!!
      First I have wish everyone who reads this a happy eTwinning day and a happy Europe Day!!
      I will tell you a mathematics jiwsaw:
      1+4=5 2+5=12
      3+6=21 8+11=?
      Send me a message with the answer!
      - Posted by SP Luca Malumbres, 09.05.2018

    • April 2018: Transnational Meeting in Parnu. We have been reorganizing the Twinspace and the following tasks we will be doing are:
      - 5.2. COOPERATION. Mindmaps, Leaflets in our country and Cooperative leaflets.
      - Posted by Sonia Ruiz García, 18.04.2018

    • And the winner of the Logo Competition is....
      Italy!!!! Congratulations!


      - Posted by Sonia Ruiz García, 18.04.2018

    • These are our finalists of our National Logo Competition:





      - Posted by Sonia Ruiz García, 07.02.2018

    • Just messing about...
      - Posted by Christian Fischer, 25.01.2018